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I’ve long admired the benefits of owning a Fitbit but kept it on the sidelines. I found the previous models bulky and–on a more superficial level–they just didn’t look cute with any of my outfits. Then along came the Alta in its slim glory and sexy looking wristbands.


The battery life is great at up to 5 days per full charge. I tested this out by wearing the Alta on vacation and leaving the charger at home. It lasted about 4.5 days until it kept giving me warnings to charge the thing and 5 days before the battery actually died. Before you get the (!) alert, the Alta still keeps track of your steps.

The highlight of the Fitbit and the apps is the motivation it gives you and your friends. You can sign up for weekend and weekday challenges to earn trophies (I won a Weekend Warrior challenge with 44k steps). You really find out who your most competitive friends are during these challenges. Everytime you hit your daily step goal (mine is 10k), you get a celebratory virtual firework show on your wrist. Step onward!

If you travel a lot like myself, the Alta is also fairly TSA friendly. I normally check with a TSA agent before I go into the millimeter wave scanner (the one for us plebs) but so far they all say it’s ok since it’s just jewelry. I tend to walk a lot when I’m on vacation so I always get a kick out of the green smiley faces I get when I stay active throughout the day. Yay for motivation!


It also looks great with most of my outfits and once I get the silver wristband, it’ll go more seamlessly with them.



The lack of a heart rate monitor is probably the biggest con of the Alta (we can’t have everything, right?). Accuracy in heart rate monitoring also appears to be a challenge amidst a lawsuit citing previous Charge HR and Surge models.

Another thing I would’ve liked is more accurate tracking for low impact exercise. I do a lot of Pilates and ab exercises and these didn’t seem to count as “Active Minutes” on the Fitbit. A couple weeks ago, I exercised for about 2 hours with a few breaks in between and the Alta only counted only 36 active minutes (wth?).

I wear it to bed to track my sleep and the rubber black wristband is a bit uncomfortable. I have tiny, child-like wrists and the Fitbit shifts a lot and I’m left with huge red marks on my wrist in the morning. IMG_8985
Overall, it’s a great convenient device for motivation and tracking your steps. As a first time Fitbit user, it’s a decent entry-level product that I can’t wait to switch up with new wristbands.


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