Seoul, South Korea Beauty Haul!


Anna, my YouTube friend from South Korea, a professor and co-makeup guru, sent me an amazing package filled with Korean goodies! I basically got everything except BB cream, which is supposedly on its way.

The 15-minute long video (my longest yet):

Here’s a mini review of my faves from the package:

02 White C Intensive Serum:
I looooove this stuff! I use it to brighten dark marks on my face left behind from cystic pimples. It works like a dream. You mix a bit of the serum in the tube into one of the bleach powder pods and apply it to the face. Just be sure to not mix it with a topical acne solution. In an act of pure stupidity I put this stuff on along with my Dalacin-t acne solution and woke up with red blotchy marks all over my face. Yummy.

Age Slick Dual Secret Lipcolour and Lipgloss by Nature Republic:
A lipgloss and a lipstick all in one classy package! The colour is a pretty dusty pink that looks great for my complexion and the lipstick looks (and smells) heavenly. The lipgloss needs better staying power, but other than that, I really recommend this!


Skin Food Charcoal Handmade Fermented Soap:
Skin Food, another popular cosmetics brand in Korea makes this awesome charcoal face soap. Charcoal may seem like an odd ingredient to put on your face but it helps slow the production of sebum which is great for those of us with oily complexions. The soap doesn’t have a harsh chemical scent, either. It smells herbal, almost as if it came from a Lush store. I use this twice a day to keep the oil at bay. Haha.

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