Maybelline EyeStudio Contest Entry: Lady Violet


So a while ago, Matchstick Marketing contacted me for the Maybelline Dare to Inspire Contest and promptly sent me the entire Maybelline EyeStudio collection. I didn’t immediately come up with a makeup tutorial because I was distraught by exams and finals, but here it is!

The quality of the makeup itself was better than I had expected (think how revolutionary the L’Oreal HIP line was for drugstore brands). Receiving the package felt like Christmas!! I especially LOVE the EyeStudio gel eyeliners…they work as well as the MAC Fluidline gel liners and are a fraction of the price! Scroll to the end of this post to get a full review.

For my contest entry, I went with a violet Arabic-inspired cut crease. The cut crease method is great for enhancing your own crease, especially for those with hooded eyelids (including myself). I love how dramatic the eye is for the look and I balanced it out with a nude lip using my Yaby lip palette.

TO VOTE: Go to the Maybelline New York – CANADA Facebook Page, become a fan, and vote for my look, which is up on the “Contest” tab. Thanks for all those who voted!

Here’s my YouTube Video for Lady Violet (Cut Crease), my contest entry:

Here’s the look I created using mostly ES Gel Liner in Blackest Black and Colour Plush Palette in Legendary Lilac (it would be very much appreciated if you would vote for me!):

Be sure to vote for me (links coming soon) in Maybelline’s Dare to Inspire Contest.

Here’s what Maybelline sent me:

Inside that package (after I gave most of it to my roommates and sisters…still tons of makeup left):


EyeStudio Eyeshadows (Colour Plush and Colour Pearls):
I was generally very impressed with the eyeshadows. I have to admit, I’m a bit of a MAC devotee and the only non-MAC eyeshadows I stand by are by Yaby. The EyeStudio eyeshadows were very well pigmented, for the most part. I was disappointed with some of the darker colours (like the black) because they could have had more colour payoff to them. The Sapphire Siren palette is one of my favourites. The palette is true to colour and very easy to blend. I just wish that the EyeStudio collection had more matte shades because some of them were just a bit too shimmery. These eyeshadows are also great for face charts.

EyeStudio Gel Eyeliners:
I’ve fallen in love…with yet another inanimate object. The gel liners are amazing. I compare them, yet again, to their MAC counterparts, the Fluidline gel liners. The ES gel liners were formulated very well as they have great staying power and went on so smoothly. I got some of the ES liner on my hand and after taking a shower, the spot didn’t budge. Honestly, these gel liners are almost identical to the Fluidline liners.

XXL Pro Mascaras:
I haven’t tried all of them, but I must say that I’ve been using XXL Extensions since last year and was thrilled when I received a free tube of it through this contest. My roommate thought I had false lashes on! The formula itself is very smooth and the mascara came off easily when ¬†washed my face. The latter may not be great in sweltering weather conditions, but it’s great if you’re going to be indoors all day.

Hope you vote for my contest entry!


Full contest rules:

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